Our customers say about us:

Project matching and merging into a central CRM system
09.10 - 12.10
Reference by project managers, telecommunications companies, from

"The project has involved the creation of a concept for matching and
Merging into a central CRM system. The consultant supported us on
this project with a lot of initiative, competence and expertise
support and thus supports the project. Even in personal
Handling we considered the Consultant as a good colleague. We would like
to share the Consultant to other project suppliers and
even with new implementation projects any time on
Consultant recourse. We thank the consultant for the
excellent service and wish him well in his future career
all the best. "

Project Various projects under the RC 960 SAS, 08.10 - 03.10
Reference by Release Cluster Manager, Financial Services in FFM
(> 10,000 MA), from 01:03:10

"The consultant has worked in parallel under high pressure in the past
17 months in various projects under the RC 960 SAS. [...] The
Consultant worked in addition to the project work very successfully as
Deputy Release Cluster Manager. [...] The consultant was
very reliable, available, ready, had good ideas and has
the landscape of the release cluster in the last 17 months positively
coined. From drawing him: good SAS programming, fast
Training, independent work. In the above areas
I recommend the consultant with love. "

Project Basel II, Data Warehouse, 06.10 - 03.09
By reference manager data warehouse, international
of medium-sized financial services provider, from 06.03.09

"The consultant was in our home as part of our projects Basel
ll, data warehouse and distribution Scorecard as SAS developer in a
small project team working. He supported us through his many years
Experience with SAS very practical solutions for our needs
that involves recommendation and implementation.
The collaboration with him has proved very pleasant.
He has the tasks entrusted to our best
Executed with satisfaction and he could with his quick wit
to capture the links between our complex environment and
his great IT expertise quickly and efficiently contribute to our company.
We can recommend him both in technical matters (especially in the SAS environment) and
in his terms of regards to social competence without reservation. "

Project BIAF takeover in production, 3.5 - 3.6
Reference by leader airport business (approximately 13,000 MA)

"The consultant has worked in external project manager, SAS, Oracle and Unix /> as Specialist in project management adopted at rollout in production. His
professional knowledge and project management skills are
mature and characterized by a pragmatic approach. Thanks to its
major relevant professional experience as well as his skill in
Dealing with diverse business areas represented (management,
Planning, development, operation, support ...) he was able to project objectives
complete and achieve very good quality. The consultant has
also made successful SAS development in sub-project and thus the
Helped team to achieve a Milestone and customer satisfaction to
secure. The consultant was characterized by high autonomy and
Flexibility. He also worked always reliable, accurate and
efficiently. We were satisfied with the freelance consultant and
recommend him wholeheartedly on. "

Project Oracle DBA, 05/01 - 02/02
Reference by IT Services Provider (>4000 employees in Europe) as of

"The consultant has been employed as a contractor in the central IT of
our company in Frankfurt from 21 May 2001 until 28 February 2002. Here,
we develop business applications and maintain and operate applications
in the local data centre. We operate a total of approx. 200 servers and
80 data bases. In our DBA team, the consultant has performed the
following tasks:
- Installation and configuration of Oracle data bases;
- The entire range of data base administration and tuning of Oracle
data bases, including back-up and

restore, using SQL*Net, Webserver, and shell script programming;
- Capacity planning;
- Standardisation of the data bases and the administration environment;
- Contribution to development projects (data modelling and data base
- PL/SQL programming, e.g. for purposes of business reporting;
- Successful implementation of replication between Oracle data bases.
The consultant has proven to be a highly experienced and skilled DBA
with an extremely wide range of capabilities and knowledge. He has
always performed all tasks to our fullest satisfaction. The consultant
has integrated himself well into the DBA team and always shown an
outstanding understanding of the needs of his internal customers. He is
hard-working and achieves very good results in all areas."